Gym Management

To maintain customer details including his/her fitness details with their monthly progression. It also contains a billing software with reminder facility. Also included are trainer management and package management.

Invoice Management

The software facilitates the process of procurement from vendors. It also includes integration for bar coding of items and tracking item whereabouts .
The software system supports the following functions:

  • Vendor Management
  • Product Management
  • Product Bar Coding
  • Inventory Management
  • Billing application for Showrooms& Head office
  • Reporting: Sales & Stock monitoring

Sales Monitoring System

The Sales Monitoring System is a software package which monitors the daily sales transactions made to customers based on the area of operations and category of sales made on the basis of tax type and tax rates. The software package gives exhaustive reports of sales made to each customer with respect to their areas and tax rates apart from other sales analysis reports which acts as a dashboard to decision support..

Smart Biller

Smart Biller is a Billing Application which can be implemented in Food joints, Office cafeteria, Schools/Colleges Canteens, Hospitals etc., . Application shows real time order status FIFO Bases. User/Student Management is add on facility provided which can keep track of individuals and with customized reports.

Online Ticketing Portal

Online Ticketing portal : (Zoo Authority of Karnataka Government) : An Online-ticketing portal was developed to facilitate online ticket booking for national park entrance, safari etc., with payment gateway integration.


Its an E-commerce portal which is used for selling different product categories online. It also includes an ERP system to keep track of inventory. A smart billing solutions is also embedded in the portal which includes options to prepare various reports and charts for the management. The front end design using bootstrap

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